Flood Shelter
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Orissa: The Pioneer of the concept, Flood Shelter
out of Chief Ministers Relief Fund ( CMRF )
1.       Project Name: - Construction of Multipurpose Flood Shelter.
2.       Sector Name :- Building Sector
                                               1st Floor Plan              Elevation Plan                Location Map
1.       Project Description :-
            In the state level function of the Orissa Disaster Preparedness Day held on 29th October 2008, Hon’ble Chief Minister had announced construction of 50 Multipurpose Flood Shelters in the flood affected areas of the state. OSDMA under guidance of Chief Secretary took the responsibility for implementation of the same.
4. Source of Funding: - Chief Minister’s Relief Fund  
            There was severe flood in Mahanadi system as well as in the river Subarnarekha and 19 districts out of 30 were affected due to the flood 2008. The donations from all corners came to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
            Under the guidance of Sri A.K.Tripathy, the Chief Secretary of Orissa, a meeting was held on dated 01.10.08 in the third floor conference hall in the Orissa Secretariat , where the Industrial Houses including Steel Plants and Mine Owners, Port Authorities , recognized Public & Private Sectors were invited and a Presentation was made on Flood damages by S.R.C . As a result, an amount of Rs 28.48 Crores were received for Construction of Flood Shelters through CMRF.
5.       Objective and Guidelines to be followed :
            The Flood Shelters shall be used for:
*           The shelter purpose during any flood for the people of locality.
*           To facilitate the distribution of food and Relief Materials to the sheltered people.
 In normal time the flood shelters shall be used as:
*           School (Primary / Upper Primary / High School)
*           TrainingCenter for Disaster Preparedness Activities,
*           Cultural Activities as per need of the people
*           Any other purpose which Government may decide from time to time.
            A meeting was chaired by Hon’ble Chief Minister on dated 27.10.08 with many Dignitaries and Experts like Prof- In- Charge of IIT, Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Center , E.I.C cum Secretary, Works, Chief Architect of Orissa, S.R.C cum M.D, OSDMA etc where the guidelines for Construction of Flood Shelters was framed.
*           Similar to the Model of MCS out of Prime Ministers’ National Relief Fund
*           The plinth area about 2000 Sft for each floor.
*           The approximate cost of each unit is about Rs.45.00 Lakh.
*           Earthquake resistance design is ensured for construction of the Flood Shelter.
*           The flood shelter is well connected to the nearest all weather road.
*           Facilities for boarding by a boat to the rescued people.
*           High approach road with facilities for cross drainage.
6.       List of Sites :
·                   List of Fifty Sites in 9 Districts are selected at the level of Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management Department and recommended by the Chief Secretary on dated 20.12.08.
·                   The List has been approved by Hon’ble Chief Minister on dated 23.12.08.
·                   District wise numbers of sites are as below :
Name of the District
No of Sites
Name of the District
No of Sites
Name of the District
No of Sites
 7.        The Project Proposal:
            The standard design & plans for Flood shelter has been prepared by IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Centre similar to the plan adopted for School cum Cyclone Shelter under PMNRF, which has arrangement to provide shelter for 1000 people (Men, Women & Children) at time of emergency. The consultancy service by IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Centre is provided free of cost.
 A. FoundationThese buildings are of special type designed to withstand the current of high floods as well as the super cyclone. The Orissa is the pioneer state in India in creating the concept of Construction of Flood Shelter and entrusted IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Centre to design such multi storey building in Orissa.
All buildings are designed considering basic cyclonic wind speed of 300 kmph and also the Sismic   Zone III as per I.S code. For severe environment proper study has been done and the technical requirements are inbuilt in the design.  The foundation soil strata of most of the locations are treacherous in nature and vary from place to place, where the construction is proposed. Therefore, Single under ream pile foundation of different depth is recommended, as per the soil investigation report of each site and guide lines of latest IS code.                                                   
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