School Cum Cyclone Shelter
School Cum Cyclone Shelter Details

School buildings in the vulnerable areas are being constructed in a manner that these could be put to use as community shelters during emergencies. The school buildings have been designed taking into account various risk factors. 9664 primary school buildings have been strengthened and 5683 new buildings have been constructed. Construction of 91 primary schools is in progress. 1075 high schools have been provided with concrete buildings and construction of 77 high schools is nearing completion

State Coordinates

20.15° N 85.50° E

Date and Time

19-Aug-2019 03:54:43

Current Weather

Control Room

State EOC(BBSR) Toll Free Number - 1070

Other Phone Numbers -0674- 2395398, 2395531

Fax - 0674-2391871

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