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State nodal agency and UNDP will organize the Training of trainers (ToT) at state, district and block levels to enhance the capacity of disaster management committees and prepare a core team to trainers and training. Training would be a continuous process on disaster risk management programme. The trained cadre will facilitate the process of contingency plan development in different levels. Selected village volunteers will be provided with three modular training programmes to develop the village contingency plans. One or two volunteers will be selected by the PRIs/CBOs/NGOs from their own locality, based on their past experiences on relief and rehabilitation activities for facilitating the process at village and GP levels. More emphasis will be given to women volunteers in development of village disaster management activities. Specialized training will be organized at different levels for the disaster management team members for enhancement of skills to effectively carry out their responsibilities such as warning dissemination, search and rescue operation, shelter management, first aid, trauma counseling and damage assessment etc. The DMT members will be provided a specific type of apron or jacket for easy indemnification after the training. Adequate training will be provided to the women DMTs to carry out activities during emergency situation. Exposure visit of the Government Officials, PRIs and DMTs will be arranged to the best practice areas in sustainable recovery and preparedness on disaster risk management for capacity building. Regular studies, research and workshops will be conducted at state and national levels on the vulnerability analysis, existing coping mechanism, revision and modification of the existing administrative, legal, techno-legal and institutional systems, as per the suitability of different localities and need of the areas. Training manuals, standard operating procedures and documentation of the best practices are important components of disaster preparedness programmes and will be developed for different levels for easy adoption, replication and sharing

.Development of disaster risk management plan:
The trained volunteers, government functionaries, CBOs/NGOs and PRIs will facilitate the process of development of Contingency Plan [CCP] based on the vulnerability of the areas and available resources and form the DMT as per the need at village / ward, Gram Panchayat and Blocks disaster risk management plan respectively. Palli Sabha, Gram Sabha and Panchayat Samities will approve all the plans respectively to make it as a part of the ongoing programme. The District Disaster Management Committees will develop district multi-hazard risk management plan with support from the UNDP District Project Officer and prepare response plans to meet the emergency needs after undertaking resource mapping and vulnerability analysis. Based on the disaster preparedness and response plan there will be mock drills before disaster seasons to find out the feasibility of the plan and to ensure greater role clarity of the key players. It will also ensure the availability and functional condition of equipments and resources.

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