The following activities will carried on in partnership with state nodal agencies and civil society response groups.

Awareness Campaign Strategy:
An effective disaster risk management campaign strategy will be developed in consultation with all stakeholders o the selected states for public education to take preventive measures in the wake of natural hazards to minimize the loss. The state nodal agency with the help of civil society response groups would take up a massive awareness campaign through out the selected districts for preparedness through rallies, mass meeting, different competitions like essay, debate, drawing etc. among school students, posters, leaflets. Similarly wall paintings will be done in each village explaining Dos and Don’ts of various disasters, showing the safe shelters and safe routes for evacuation etc. Different types of manuals and disaster safety tips have been developed under the programme as detailed below. The following CD films have been prepared under the programme.

i) Community Based Disaster Preparedness Programme

ii) Heat wave Safety Tips

iii) Multi-purpose Cyclone Shelters

iv) Disasters and Nutrition

v) Disasters and Health & Hygiene

vi) First-Aid Techniques (three parts) and

vii) Search and Rescue Techniques (three parts)

Gender equity in disaster preparedness and mitigation:
Special groups such as women, disabled persons, children, etc. are more vulnerable in an emergency situation and hence require special attention. The programme will aim at strengthening capacities of these groups to respond to disasters. Vulnerability and risk assessment in all the multi-hazard prone districts would have special emphasis on women and children. Adequate representation of women in Disaster Management Committees and Teams shall ensure their participation in decision making in all stages of the disaster continuum. This would result in formulation of gender equitable and sustainable community plans for disaster preparedness. Special training shall be provided to women for enhancement of their capacities to carry out the activities effectively. Capacity building of women groups will include skill upgradation in use of the latest know-how for effective response and sustainable recovery in disaster situations. Disaster Management Committees and teams have women members at different levels. Women SHGs have been facilitating preparation of village level disaster management plans and constitution and training of village level Disaster Management teams.
Manuals and standard operating guidelines:
OSDMA has developed training manuals for Village, Gram Panchayat, Block, District and State disaster management team, manuals for development of contingency plans for different hazards and Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] for all levels. The manuals have been printed in vernacular languages after field-testing. Training will be provided to the stakeholders to use the manuals and widely circulated for replication of the programme. In all manuals special column shall be there for coping mechanism of women in disaster situations.
Formation of Disaster Management Team/ Committees:
Disaster Management Teams (DMT) would be formed at different levels to carry out the activities during emergency for sustainable recovery from disaster such as State, District, Municipality, Block, Gram Panchayat, Community and Ward. DMT at village/ward level would comprise of a group of 10-12 people in task-based groups such as Early Warning (EW), Search and Rescue Operation (SRO), First Aid & Water & Sanitation (FAWA), Shelter Management (SM), Trauma Counseling (TC) and Damage Assessment (DA) groups. Similarly, DMT at Gram Panchayat, Municipal and Block level may be formed with the involvement of people’ representatives, members from local administrative system like local police, Medical Officer, Junior Engineer from Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Veterinary Assistance Surgeon / Inspectors, Revenue Inspector, Block Development Officers (BDO) etc. BDO would be the convener of the team at the Block level.


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