Management Arrangements

Execution arrangements
Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is executing this programme under National Execution [NEX] guidelines. The programme involves partnerships at different levels and with different stakeholders. It aims to reach most multi-hazard prone districts. The programme seeks to establish close with communities and civil society organizations. Programme demands greater flexibility, creativity and innovative approaches for natural disaster risk management.

Institutional arrangements
• Coordination at the National level: The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is the nodal agency at central level for smooth execution of the programme supported out of Country Cooperation Framework resources. There would be a Programme Management Board (PMB) headed by the Secretary, MHA to provide overall guidance to the programme. Programme Steering Committee (PSC) headed by the Joint Secretary [DM] in MHA would be constituted, which will meet in every quarter to review the progress of the programme.
• Coordination at the state level: OSDMA is the state nodal agency for implementation of the programme in the state of Orissa. The programme is implemented under the supervision of a State Steering Committee constituted under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary.

Implementation Process
The disaster management plans start from the village/ward level and would be consolidated through similar planning at the Panchayat, Block, District and Urban Local Bodies levels in the selected districts. A cadre of village volunteers would be created to carry out the village based natural disaster risk management programmes in the selected programme districts. These Village Volunteers will be drawn from the community with the help of civil society organizations such as NCC, NSS, NYKS, Scouts and Guides and Civil Defence etc. The plans would focus on the disaster risk prevention and early recovery through community-based preparedness and response plans, skill development for construction of hazard-resistant housing and enhanced access to information as per the need of the community. Information Technology Specialists would be responsible for need of the community. Information Technology Specialists would be responsible for development of disaster database at state and district levels for emergency response.
The State Nodal Authorities, Panchayati Raj Departments / Urban Bodies and national organizations such as NYKS and NSS would play major role in the implementation of the programme.


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