Orissa Vulnerability To Different Disasters

Orissa is a state on the eastern seaboard of India, located between 17049 and 22036’ North latitudes and between 81036’ and 87018’ East longitudes. It spreads over an area of 1,55,707 sq km. and is broadly divided into four geographical regions, i.e. Northern Plateau, Central River Basins, Eastern Hills and Coastal Plains. It has a 480 km coastline. Its population was 3.67crore as per the 2001 census. Administratively, the state is divided into 30 districts, 58 sub-divisions, 314 blocks (administrative units in descending order of geographical area and population) and 103 urban local bodies. The average density of population comes to 236 per sq km. with significantly higher density in the coastal areas compared to the interior parts.

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Orissa is vulnerable to multiple disasters. Due to its sub-tropical littoral location, the state is prone to tropical cyclones, storm surges and tsunamis. Its densely populated coastal plains are the alluvial deposits of its river systems. The rivers in these areas with heavy load of silt have very little carrying capacity, resulting in frequent floods, only to be compounded by breached embankments. Though a large part of the state comes under Earthquake Risk Zone-II (Low Damage Risk Zone), the Brahmani Mahanadi graben and their deltaic areas come under Earthquake Risk Zone-III (Moderate Damage Risk Zone) covering 43 out of the 103 urban local bodies of the state. Besides these natural hazards, human-induced disasters such as accidents, stampede, fire, etc, vector borne disasters such as epidemics, animal diseases and pest attacks and industrial / chemical disasters add to human suffering.



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