Employee Details

Employee Name : Sobhan Kumar Dastidar
Gender : Male
Designation  : Weather Expert
Qualification  : B.Sc (Phy, Chem, Math)
Date of Birth : 09-Oct-1953
Assigned Official Work  : Drought monitoring, Mitigation and Forecasting AWS/ARG related works.
Date of Joining in OSDMA : 17-Jan-2018
Training Course Attended : Meteorological training on forecasting , Agrometeorogy, Cyclone , warning, Data analysis including models, Aviation, Hydrology etc
Experience/Skill : 36 years experience in weather analysis and forecasting including issue of cyclone warning, Agri-meteorological bulletins, Heat wave/ cold wave warnings, heavy rainfall warning, analysis of various models and charts, radar, satellite etc
Telephone No  : 9583080909, 7978975569
E-Mail : dastidar1@yahoo.com

State Coordinates

20.15° N 85.50° E

Date and Time

12-Dec-2018 10:20:56

Current Weather

Control Room

State EOC(BBSR) Toll Free Number - 1070

Other Phone Numbers -0674- 2395398, 2395531

Fax - 0674-2391871

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